LoveCleanStreets is a free Smartphone app and website that enables people anywhere in the world to report environmental issues to their local authority.

It can be used to report things like:

  • graffiti
  • fly-tipping
  • fly posting
  • pot holes
  • broken paving slabs
  • abandoned vehicles

Reports can be made with the Smartphone app in less than forty seconds. Simply take a photo, add some brief details, and then send. The location is captured automatically, and the local authority is provided with all of the information it needs to deal with the problem.

Alternatively, issues can be easily reported on the website by uploading a photo and specifying the location using the interactive maps. It is even possible to make a report by simply sending an SMS text.

The reports, once uploaded, are displayed on a website where anyone can see them. They can be tracked to show how things have progressed, and authorities have the opportunity to upload images of resolved issues. Dynamic maps (powered by Bing) allow reports to be displayed by street, area, city, country or even continent!

Love Clean Streets has proven benefits for both residents and local authorities:

Evidence from Lewisham, where it all started, shows that complaints about graffiti fell by 30% within two years, and the amount and frequency of graffiti observed in the borough fell by 8%. Clean-up times have been cut dramatically and resident satisfaction with the Council’s street cleaning services has significantly increased.

For local authorities, the reduced cost of casework associated with the Love Clean Streets application generates a healthy return on investment.

For everyone else, the benefit is simply a better, cleaner place to live and work.